Mission & Vision

The Art Banking Charitable Foundation (ArtBCF), previously known as the Art Banking Club Hong Kong, was founded in 2010 and registered as a charity in 2011.


The mission of the Art Banking Charitable Foundation (ArtBCF) is to increase the awareness and appreciation of art and to empower and recognize local artists in Hong Kong.

Guiding us in our mission are our core values:

– Focusing on the needs of local artists and vulnerable social groups
– Operating with accountability and transparency


We believe in the importance of nurturing local artists and local talent to help Hong Kong continue to grow as one of the most culturally energetic cities in the world. In a cosmopolitan and financially driven city like Hong Kong, it is easy to lose sight of art for art’s sake, as opposed to art for investment. We hope to give local artists an opportunity to develop their talents, showcase their artwork, and receive recognition for their achievements.

In addition, we hope to link art and artists with local charities working to improve some of Hong Kong’s social concerns. The special focus is on charities that assist some of the most vulnerable social groups in Hong Kong. We believe that art can be transformative for both the artist and the viewer. We strive to be part of that process of transformation – a process whereby creativity can blossom, artistic talent can be appreciated, and the issues faced by some of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable are brought to light.

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